Material Matrix

This is a quick sketch of a material that can morph to provide pressure in select areas. Each purple diamond is a segment that can be pushed out via current that is applied to the lettered segments. For example, if current was applied to lines A and B and line 2 was connected to ground, the top left purple segment would rise from the material. This sort of material could be useful in haptic technologies where localized pressure was needed. If the inside of a glove was made of this material, one could be made to feel an object pressing into their palm.

The extension distance of the purple diamonds is directly related to the size of the “pixels.” If the distance from line 1 to line 2 along line A is regarded as the dimensions of a “pixel” and assigned to value x, then the maximum extension of the purple diamond in that pixel is defined by the equation (3/8)*sqr((x*x)/2)