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Just found some of these pictures from a past project. This was for a middle school FLL (First Lego League) project with some friends. We were tasked with creating an innovative solution to a problem that deeply affects the lives of senior citizens. The problem that we found was a lack of support (no pun intended) for those who have lost their sense of balance due to either natural causes or side effects of surgery.

Our team’s invention is a device that replaces a lost sense of balance. Our device consists of a microcontroller, an accelerometer, vibration motors and LED lights built into a device worn behind the ear and/or mounted on a pair of glasses. The accelerometer senses that the user is falling and signals to the user by flashing a light, making a sound, and/or creating a vibration to alert the user to take corrective action. This device is called the reBalance Prosthetic Vestibular Augmentation System.

Although they were not completed, we even started work on algorithms that helped calibrate and correct for standard issues. Our algorithms allowed for the ability to look down or tilt the head without any issues from the device. The microcontroller would ignore changes that it viewed as standard or normal (such as bending over to sit down or intentionally lying down).

So yeah… Just wanted to share some old stuff that I thought was fun!

reBalance Prototypes
The prototype that we went through and a concept sketch for a final product (click for larger image)
Our team wearing the prototypes