Thought I would post this video to show what we are really working on with the haptic glove. This video was posted in August and was probably taken about two weeks into our work on the glove. It shows one finger working with tracking and force feedback. All of the sensing and feedback was done through two servos that we modified to have access to their internal potentiometers. The onboard processing was done using an arduino mounted on the arm. All of this was powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The arduino was connected through a USB serial connection to the computer. The value processing and graphics were created with and run inĀ Processing 2.0. The control surface was re-positionable using the arrow keys. This prototype software featured finger tracking and rendering with collision detection and force feedback. All of the hardware and software was created by me, Elias B, and Cade D. Thanks for watching and I will continue to post updates for the glove and related projects.