This past week I had my Spring Break. I decided that it would be a good time to visit some colleges. On Monday I visited UW for an info session and formal tour of campus. I have been on campus many times before but never really got a feeling for what it would be like to go to school there. I thought that this first college tour went really well. I really like UW and thought that it could be a great school for me (except for a lack of a swimming program). This was especially helped by the new HCDE (Human-Centered Design & Engineering) center. With focus on making things approachable and easy to use, the HCDE program seemed like a good fit for me because I am thinking about going into Human Computer Interaction. The next morning my mom and I drove up to Vancouver to visit UBC. We spent a bit walking around the beautiful city before driving the 20 minutes to campus. After a wonderful tour of a beautiful (albeit large) campus, I realized that UBC could be a great option for me. They have a very good engineering program and an incredible swim team. I also thought that the campus in general was pretty cool because of its focus on sustainability and conservation. I was not able to visit Seattle University this week but hope to get there soon. They also have a wonderful swimming program.