Through the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a display for the front gallery area of Design Commission. I was asked to make a creative display that can show design related news and images. I have been playing around with projection onto 3D surfaces for this project and think I have settled on a surface. I am going to use a series of v-pleats in a piece of paper.

The projection surface will look similar to this

I will be projecting two different images onto either side of each pleat so that the viewer can see the images interwoven, or by moving to either side of the surface, can see each image separately.

In order to make the images appear without distortion, I have to use projection mapping. This is a process where a computer takes a source image and distorts it to fit a 3D model. However, there are not readily available projection mapping software systems that are cheap enough for my use. So, I am designing my own.

Using 3D array and texture mapping techniques that I have learned through my work with Processing.js, I am creating a simple projection mapping system to create and distort images for display.

I will post again about progress soon.