I have been thinking a lot about an add-on for a projector. My idea would consist of a camera attached to the projector and wired back to the source computer. This could be an open source system with possibly 3D printed clips for the camera. It is a very simple hardware set up with many possibilities of features.

The original idea’s main feature was a color adjustment system. The camera could compare the projected image to the source image from the computer and notice any differences.This system would allow you to project onto any flat surface regardless of color variation. Say if there was a post-it note on the projection surface. This would cause a small part of the projection to appear as a different color. The system would notice that and modify the projected image to make the post-it “disappear.”

After thinking about this post-it concept for a while, I realized you could do even more with the camera’s ability to recognize things on the projection surface. With a specifically formatted sticky note, you could have the system recognize and highlight that note. You could even have it recognize and convert the handwriting on the note to text. This could be a nice form of input for meetings.

Another piece of this idea is one that has been tried by some companies is to make the system recognize hands. This means that you could effectively turn the projection surface into a giant touchscreen. This would be useful for a large number of purposes.

Overall, the system could be taught to recognize any number of situations and change the projected image based on these situations. By using gestures, handwriting, and color specific changes to the surface, a single person or a whole group could learn to work with the projection.

Does anyone have any other ideas on ways to interact with this sort of system?