Earlier this summer, my friend Eli and I planned and taught a 1.5 week programming camp to a group of middle/high schoolers. Some of them had no programming experience, some had looked into some code, and some had taken full computer science classes. We created a camp that tried to cater to everyone and teach them all something new.

We taught a combination of software and hardware development. Starting off with Processing, the campers created a basic runner game with obstacles that the player had to jump over. They learned all of the basics of Object Oriented Programming and simple Java syntax.

Building off of this, we moved into hardware development with the Arduino. Programming in Processing and Arduino are very similar and it actually isn’t very hard to use them together. This allowed us to, after a quick intro and basic Arduino lesson, make game controllers with the Arduino for our Processing games.Camp_wk1_4

The students created a runner game, a brick breaker game, and a projectile dodging game. After students created the Arduino controllers, we moved them onto using 3rd party libraries to use their Xbox controllers with their games. IMG_0547

Finally, the students focused on finishing one of the games of their choice. Some made high score systems, some themed their games (Breaking Bad themed brick breaker), and some added bullets to the dodging game. A few students even made their games 3D.