Hi, I’m Emmett McCann. I am a freshman robotics major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

I swim for WPI, mostly focused on breaststroke and IM. I love art, music, inventing, designing for people, swimming, mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving (but only in warm water).

I have played piano for 11 years, and am very slowly learning guitar. I love listening to music, playing it and composing. I write mainly on piano then mix in Logic Pro 9. I also love visual art. Mainly using graphite and ballpoint pen, I like to draw things that stretch people’s imagination.

I have been inventing since before I can remember. I still have my first invention notebook that my mom made me write in whenever I told her about an invention. (Thanks, Mom!) I’m not sure when the first entry was made in that book but it was definitely before I learned how to spell “propeller.” In 4th grade, I started an FLL robotics team with some friends. We participated in that competition 5 years in a row. I learned how to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions, and got my first real experience with robotics. In the summer of 2014, a former FLL teammate and I decided to continue working together on some project ideas we had. This eventually led to us working in the Student RND Labs program. We recruited one additional team member and developed the Haptic Gauntlet. I continued the project under the name of TACTUS in my senior year of high school with a team of 5. Through this project, I was able to develop electrical, mechanical, industrial, software, computer, chemical and materials engineering skills.

My favorite thing in the world is to see someone’s eyes light up. That’s why I like designing for people. I like making people say, “Hang on. What did you say that thing can do?!” I like music that makes people dance without noticing. I like art that makes people tilt their heads in thought.

Contact me: mccannemmett@gmail.com